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In this text we will focus our attention on the place of the family law in the Civil Code of the Republic of Macedonia, and the main proposals of the reforms in the family law in the regulation of cohabitation, marital agreement, exercise of parental rights, protection of the rights and interests of children and regulation of the status of family home.We believe that these are the most important changes in regulation of family relations in Macedonia, and that those reforms will be aligned with changes in the family, the most important international documents, and the basic tendencies of regulation of family law in European countries.For example, the former Soviet republics of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia have included family law in their civil codes, which were brought upon their separation from the Soviet Union [9], and family law was included in the Civil Code of Georgia, passed in 2001 [17].Similarly, Slovakia has abandoned influence from Soviet law, and the Government of the Slovak Republic in 2009 decided to start a process of drafting of new Civil Code whereas family law will be regulated in Book II of the Civil Code [16].The main aim of codification is to cover a wide field of law and to be the most important source of law in a particular area.

In December 2010 the Government of Republic of Macedonia decided to form a Commission for drafting the Civil Code [1] and Professor Gale Galev was appointed as a president.In the begging, during the preparation of the Civil Code of the Republic of Macedonia, there were certain opinions according to which family law should not be an integral part of civil codification, but that family relations should be regulated by a special law.The idea that family law should not be included in the Civil Code is based on the division of civil law relations on personal relationships (which should be regulated in a separate family code) and proprietary relationships (which should be regulated in the Civil Code).One of the main features of Soviet law was separation of family law from civil law.The main reason for this deviation from the European civil law tradition had ideological character: Soviet Bolsheviks believed that family should be distinguished from bourgeois families in western countries, and that family relations should be based on love, respect and support, not a property interest [15].

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After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and after the democratic changes in the former socialist countries, significant reforms were made in the sphere of civil law.

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